New Car? These 7 Tips Are Essential For You

Published on 07/23/2019
New Car These 7 Tips Are Essential For You

New Car These 7 Tips Are Essential For You

I believe congratulations are in order, you’ve just bought a new car! Look at you, fancier than the Queen of England, more independent than the Republic of South Sudan, and ready to take on the entire world like Z from Antz. Before you tear out in a rush to show everyone your new purchase, take note of these 7 excellent tips all new car owners need to know.

Read The Owner’s Manual

What do you mean you have better things to do this weekend?! Just kidding. Of course, it’s not exactly the 8th Harry Potter book, but it holds some useful secrets and tips that will help you maintain your new car for as long as possible.

Choose The Right Car Insurance

It might seem easier to go with an insurance company that friends or family members have used, but you could probably qualify for something better-suited to you. Take the extra few minutes to search the web for the best car insurance for you.

Keep Up Maintenance

There will be times when you’re tempted to save a little cash by not taking your car for a check-up. You should, however, consider the long-term effects of not keeping up your car’s maintenance. If you don’t change your oil and check your tires now, you might have to really pull out the big bucks when everything goes down the drain.

Save Receipts

No matter what kind of work you have done on your car, even something as simple as changing your windshield wipers, keep your receipts! One day, many years down the line, you’ll want to sell or trade-in your car, and those receipts will be proof that you took care of your beloved car.

Go To The Car Wash, Often

Visiting your local car wash is great for keeping your new car sparkling clean, but there are other benefits too. Dirt and debris that sticks to your car can create long-term damage in the form of rust and corrosion. You don’t want that to happen to your baby!

Drive Differently

Until now you might have been a regular Schumacher on the roads, braking hard, accelerating abruptly and skidding around corners, but it’s high time that stopped. Your fuel consumption, your tires, your transmission, and your brakes will all thank you for driving with more care.

Invest In A Dashcam

Finally, a dashcam will become your best friend and your lawsuit sidekick. If you have a camera that records everything on the road, no-one can pull a fast one on you. With absurd stories of people jumping onto the hoods of cars to win a lawsuit, a dashcam is essential!