The Most Amazing Car Museums In The World

Published on 06/21/2021

Car fanatics, we have the perfect venture just for you! We at CarNovels totally understand people who have a passion for cars. This is why we’re here to tell you about the best car museum around the globe. Read on to learn more about some of the most amazing car museums the world has to offer.

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The Most Amazing Car Museums In The World

Cité De L’automobile – France

Cité de l’Automobile is located in France and has the largest collection of cars in the world. In the museum, there are roughly 520 cars from 98 different brands on display, including the world-renowned Bugatti Royale.  Cité de l’Atomobile allows visitors to explore the history of the automobile, dating back from 1878 to the present day. Today, the museum is also listed as a National Heritage site by the French Government.

Louwman Museum – Netherlands

The Louwman Museum has been named as one of the best car museums in the world. Not only do they have an incredible collection of cars but the Louwman Museum has one of the world’s most extensive selection of microcars. For those who have a great obsession with classic cars and coaches, this museum is definitely for you! Located in the Netherlands has a great collection of over 2oo cars. The museum was established back in 1969 and is truly a place that comes highly recommend, even if you’re not a huge car fanatic.

Mercedes-Benz Museum – Germany

Mercedes-Benz Museum located in Stuttgart, Germany is one of the more popular museums in the world. Guests get to learn about the Mercedes-Benz brand as well as various other brands associated with it. In addition to this, a tour of the museum is provided where visitors get to explore the stunning display of Mercedes vehicles, including numerous vintage models. Another great part about the museum is dedicated to students who has a desire to pursue automotive training. Even though the museum only opened quite recently, in 2006, it hosts roughly 850 000 visitors every year.

Autoworld – Belgium

Autoworld is one of the biggest car museums in the world. Located in Brussels, Belgium, the museum displays a huge and varied collection of over 250 vintage cars. Autoworld also has several limousines on display that once belonged to the Belgian royal family. When visiting Autoworld you will be presented with an excellent opportunity to meet this extinct automotive culture. Autoworld is full of awesome classics and it offers a fantastic overview on automobile history. Some of the more famous car brands that you will find here are Alfa Romeo,  Porsche, and BMW.

Ford Museum – United States of America

Last but not least we have an internationally recognized museum – The Henry Ford. Located in Michigan, USA is a massive complex with both an indoor and outdoor area solely dedicated to Henry Ford and the industrial revolution of the Ford car. This spectacular museum allows guests to explore its collection of authentic cars, both modern and vintage. The tour that is offered is self-guided and a minimum of two hours is recommended for the entire museum as there are many different areas of the complex to enjoy.