6 Study Tips For Your Driving License

Published on 05/31/2021

The failure rates in the driver’s license test are high. However, if you are well-prepared, there is nothing to fear. We collected some helpful tips that will help you pass the exam without any problems.


6 Study Tips For Your Driving License

Learning By Heart Doesn’t Help

One thing is clear: Basically, you can learn all driving license questions by heart. After all, the catalog from which the questions are selected is known. However, it comprises more than 600 questions for the car driver’s license. It is, therefore, better to memorize the general rules of driving a car: who has right of way and when, what do I have to pay attention to when parking, which speed limits apply where, and so on. Those who have mastered the basic knowledge can answer most questions without any problems.

Use Waiting Times To Practice

As a practice aid, there are all questions for at home on paper or as an app. This is how you can simulate the exam. Particularly practical: smartphone apps can be used to take short breaks on the bus and train or in the doctor’s waiting room to study for the driver’s license test. It is important that you take the time to go through all the questions. Take a close look at and memorize all incorrectly answered questions – and repeat until the answer is correct!

Learn Details About The Vehicle

You can’t learn much for the practical test itself, after all, it’s about showing that you can drive the car. However, the examiner can ask a few questions about the vehicle before starting the ride. These include questions about lighting, the tires, or the meaning of individual control lights in the cockpit. It is best to ask the driving instructor once during a driving lesson and write down all possible questions. Then go through several times and ask.

Practice Driving

In addition to the driving lessons with the driving instructor, driving itself can also be practiced in a traffic training area. Even beginners can practice difficult situations here, such as starting up a mountain or parking. However, the prerequisite is an accompanying person who has had a driver’s license for at least three years.

Motivate Yourself

In principle, the same applies to the driver’s license as to any other test: it is best to make a schedule for learning and to divide the learning material into small units. For every unit, you complete, treat yourself with a reward. This increases motivation and makes learning more fun.

Don’t freak out

The following applies to both the theory test and the practical part: stay calm and do not put yourself under pressure. It is true that repeating the exam takes some time and money, but failing it is not a big deal. Keep that in mind and go to the exam in a relaxed manner. Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t understand something. The examiner is not there to put obstacles in the way, but usually always wants to help you pass the exam.