Useful Fuel Saving Tips Every Driver Needs To Know

Published on 05/28/2020

Fuel prices are one of the biggest struggles for motorists these days. The continuous fluctuating cost of fuel is a constant source of frustration for vehicle owners, which leaves them always looking for tips and tricks to save and make the most of every litre. Here are some extremely useful tips to help you save on fuel, you’ll definitely want to take notes!

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Useful Fuel Saving Tips Every Driver Needs To Know

Don’t Carry Around Unnecessary Weight

A great tip to help reduce fuel consumption is by removing excess and unnecessary weight from your car. Dispose of rubbish or useless items that you’ve left in your car. You may be using your car as another storage area but its actually costing you more in fuel. This is because the heavier your car the more fuel it needs to move around. So the lighter your vehicle, the more efficient your car will run.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

This may not be common knowledge for many people, but the lower the tyre pressure, the more fuel the car needs to move. We strongly recommend that you take some time once a month to check the tyres. If you’re unsure of what the exact pressure should be, the number is usually near the lock inside the driver’s door. Don’t forget it will really help!

Don’t Overuse The Air Conditioner

This may be a difficult one to talk about, especially in the very hot summer months. Of course, it’s so tempting to leave the AC on during the entire car journey or all year round. But actually this is probably where we’re using the most fuel, so when it’s not too hot or cold – turn it off!

Go Easy On The Accelerator

This may be a bit surprising to most, but it’s not exactly about the gear you’re in but more about the speed you’re and how much you’re pushing on the accelerator. For example, if you’re in high gear and travelling at moderate speed, but if you’re pushing the accelerator down a long way to prevent shifting into a lower gear then interestingly enough but you’re actually using more fuel not less.

Use The Recommended Fuel Type

When your aim to get the best performance from your car, it’s considered that super fuel, or high-performance fuel, is best. Super fuel, is commonly known as premium fuel or high-performance fuel, is petrol with a higher octane rating. Most standard brands of fuel have a 95 octane rating. Whereas super fuel typically has a rating of around 98. This means that it makes the engine work more effectively and enhance.  However its always best to check the type of fuel that is recommended for your vehicle before filling up.