Take A Look At Cardi B’s Outrageous Car Collection – That She Can’t Drive

Published on 08/02/2020
Let's Take A Look At Cardi B's Outrageous Car Collection

Take A Look At Cardi B’s Outrageous Car Collection – That She Can’t Drive

Whether you love or hate Cardi B, if you love cars, you will definitely appreciate her car collection. Back in 2018, the rapper revealed her garage full of supercars. However, you’d be surprised that Cardi can’t actually drive since she doesn’t have a license. When asked why she had so many cars when she couldn’t drive, Cardi said, “to take pictures with it.”

Lamborghini Urus

Cardi clearly isn’t one to hide her good fortune. Back in October 2018, she took to Instagram to show off this beauty of a car. Seeing how extra Cardi B is, this car is the perfect supercar for the famous mother. The Urus is the first Lamborghini SUV. With a V8 bi-turbo engine and a maximum power output of 478 kW/650 HP, it’s even equipped with an 8-gear automatic transmission. Who said being a mom means not having nice cars?

Chevrolet Suburban

This is by far the most ‘normal’ car in the star’s collection. Not to mention, the only one. This classic SUV is a much more attainable option for the average Joe – even though it’s still pushing it with a price of $50,000. For someone who doesn’t drive yet, this might be somewhat difficult for Cardi to park.

Lamborghini Aventador

When you think of a luxurious car, your mind tends to veer towards cars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris. After Cardi B gave birth to Kulture, her and Offset’s daughter, she and her husband decided to buy matching Aventadors. However, we know that this car definitely won’t have room for a car seat. It shouldn’t if you ask us. The car has a V12 engine that produces 700 HP – that might be a tad too much for the baby in the car seat, wouldn’t you say?

Mercedes G Wagon

This car seems to be a fan-favorite among celebrities and other luxurious car owners, and for good reason. By looking at Cardi B’s collection, it’s clear that she loves bright orange cars. While she can’t drive them, they sure do look good on her Instagram.

Mercedes Maybach

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to own a Maybach? Cardi has never been pictured with this car, so maybe it’s never left the garage. All the same, she is a lucky lady for having this car. Not to mention, this car is meant to be chauffer-driven, which is perfect for the celeb.

Bently Bentayga

After Cardi’s hit song Bodak Yellow hit the Billboard Top 10, she decided to celebrate by buying herself this Bentley. Yet again, we can see her love for the color orange. The twin-turbo, 6.0-liter engine might not be the best car for a learning driver, but it doesn’t seem to phase the singer.

McLaren 720S Spider

Here we have yet another bright orange car that the star bought herself. The McLaren 720S Spider is known as the best supercar on the market. Not to mention, it’s the kind of car that can make a lasting impression before you even drive it. The car has a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine that produces 710 HP.