5 Apps Every Car Owner Needs To Download

Published on 09/17/2020

Americans certainly love their cars! There is no denying that owning a car is a massive help, However, having this huge responsibility comes at a price. But, with a little help from technology, your lives can be made a lot less complicated when you know what’s wrong with your car, preventing major issues, and even avoiding heavy traffic. For all you car owners out there, take a look at these incredible apps you need to download – you’ll thank us later.

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5 Apps Every Car Owner Needs To Download

Speed Tracker

Speed Tracker is one of the most sophisticated and unique apps available, it includes a GPS speedometer and a trip computer all in one application. Speed Tracker helps you answer all the questions that you may have such as, what is my distance covered? Stopping time, average speed, and route time. What’s even greater about this app is that with all these amazing built-in features, you can easily gather all the necessary info that you need.


Although the FIXD app needs you to purchase the FIXD Sensor for your car – believe is its totally worth every penny! As much as you rely on your car, people not always remember that your car needs you just as much. This great app lets you know all the issues your car may be having and the best way to fix it. Thanks to modern technology, there’s no need to constantly be worried every time you get an alert while driving. But that’s not all, FIXD also provides you with information based on your cars make and model. Again, we know the app is not free but it certainly will gove you so much peace of mind.


It comes as a huge surprise to know that there are way too many people around the world who don’t know use this brilliant app. Waze is by far one of the top apps to ever been created. It’s not just a navigation application but so much more. Drivers are able to avoid traffic, spot police roadblocks, speed traps and lets you find the fastest route – all this is updated in real-time. Everything you need to know about what happening on the road is readily available with a simple click of a button. But that’s not all. Waze is free and is available on iOs and all android devices. For those of you who are using it -you definitely should be!

Find My Car

Ever parked your car at a shopping mall or sports even only to come out hours later and not remember where you parked your car? Don’t fear -you’re not alone! Find My Car makes locating your parked car so much easier.  This excellent free application uses Google Maps Navigation, then takes picture of your parking spot and keeps as many positions as you like. So yes, this is more than a simple GPS car-parking app, its comes highly recommend by many users, which is why you should download it too!

Auto Care

Everyone knows that owning a car is a huge responsibility, however not enough people pay close attention to their vehicles. We understand that cars often have many expensive problems but that does not mean you should neglect your ride. This is why you definitely need to download Auto Care, in order to stay on top of things. So, how does it work? Well, you’ll get monthly reminders relating to the distance you have covered as well as how much money you have spent. It’s so easy to use and one of the best things about this app is that you can back up all your previous data.